Why Is the Best CBSE School Near You in Pune the Ideal Choice for Your Child?

In your quest to select the best  school in Pune for your child, have you considered a CBSE school? Why is it that a greater percentage of children today attend CBSE schools?

Fortunately, you’re not alone when you search for “CBSE School in Pune near me”. Many parents prefer to consider the pros & cons of each board before choosing one. Below, we examine the salient characteristics of a CBSE curriculum-based school. Read on to learn more…

What does the CBSE curriculum entail?

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is an organization that provides essential, auxiliary and higher school education and administers the AISSCE examination for those who have completed their 12th grade. Moreover, it encourages the AIEEE assessment, which is the most important test for entry into various undergrad programs.

It is believed that over 21 nations around the world have CBSE School-board partnered schools. Due to the board’s popularity, it is easy for parents to find new CBSE schools in India and even abroad.

Take a look at some of the benefits provided by the CBSE School curriculum below:

Why Do the Best Schools in Pune Embrace the Cbse ? How Is It Advantageous Over Other Curricula?

The comprehensiveness of the curricula:

The curriculum aims to develop individuals with a broad knowledge rather than specializing in one topic. The curriculum does this with academic assessments.

It’s easy to find tutors and  reference material for all classes since there are believed to be more than 8000 CBSE school in India. It can be attributed to the board’s widespread commonality across India.

Moreover, the focus on Science and Math related subjects and the ongoing redesign of content in these subjects have made the CBSE board that much more relevant in today’s advanced world.

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CBSE Recognition in Colleges:

CBSE is widely regarded as one of the most outstanding educational boards in India, so the fact that the board is accepted by almost all colleges across the nation is a source of relief for parents. CBSE’s level of accreditation is significantly higher than that of other boards.

Edges out other boards:

The CBSE School is substantially more student-friendly when compared to the State boards. The course structure is designed to ensure that children aren’t burdened by too much work, and books are made intuitive and interesting. Furthermore, the content is interspersed with a variety of fun exercises to engage children with their learning, albeit in a playful manner. It is a competent and lively process of conveying even the heaviest of information.

CBSE has affiliated schools in every state and abroad

Nowadays, many parents find worthwhile jobs abroad, and they expect that their children will also be able to transition easily when it comes to schooling. Most of these parents worry that their children may end up in schools abroad with boards they do not familiarize themselves with.

As with the CBSE board, this issue has been resolved effectively. Because of the CBSE board’s broad reach, it is easy to find new schools in the country, even abroad.

A value-based approach to education:

The CBSE board aims to instill values through a coordinated curriculum methodology, aiming to develop the student’s learning process. The students are instructed in basic life skills as well as critical knowledge of their surroundings.

The assessments analyze what students have learned from the course content and allow them to justify their answers.

Beyond the classroom

The best schools in Pune not only offer quality education but also ensure the holistic development of students. It has also been designed in such a way that encourages the pursuit of sports along with the academic program. The board also aims to teach students good humanist values and ensure the physical and mental development of each student.

Flexibility in choosing

Under the CBSE board, students have a lot of freedom to pursue their field of interest. At every stage of the educational process, the board encourages students to choose their fields of interest without having to select a particular stream. The purpose of the board is to empower students and instill a sense of self-confidence in them.


One of the most reputable and widely regarded boards in India is the Central Board of Secondary Education. The educational committees also being the evaluation parameter for over a million students, it has made it much more challenging for parents and students to choose a board other than CBSE.

In this rapidly shifting world, CBSE has strived to make learning relevant for every student throughout the years. It has always attempted to keep the benefits of learning alive in India. According to the world-class norms of the training framework, the board has set out prospectuses for these schools. Therefore, the next time you search for the term, “CBSE School in Pune near me”, you can rest assured that you are making the right decision for your child.

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