Which is the Best Domain Extension for me? |.com vs. .net

It is well-known that choosing your website address for your business is a critical decision. However, we mainly concentrate on finding the best suitable domain name. Consequently, we may ignore the domain extension during the selection process, which you must not do. Following the right strategy, you can quickly get to the best domain extension that communicates all the necessary info with your target audience and persuades potential clients. For example, it may include your website purpose, niche, geographical location, etc. 

A brief intro to domain extensions

A domain extension is the suffix of your website that reflects your website category or your business location. For example, www.sample indicates that this is a commercial (.co) website that operates in Dubai (.ae). During the early days of Wide Area Networks (WANs), numerical IP addresses were used to reach out to any website. It was quite manageable with a limited number of websites. However, as the network grew, the Internet Engineering Task Force introduced the Domain Name System that allocated every numerical IP address an easy-to-remember domain name. Over time, the system facilitated us with more and more options to make it a challenge choosing the best domain extension for your website.


Initially, only six main Top Level Domains denoted a specific meaning, with a cheap .com domain being the most popular. However, these domain extensions have become too crowded, which has called for more domain extensions. Hence, approximately a thousand domain extensions are available for the users to choose from, which has ignited fierce competition for a domain extension with the most benefits. Hence, you may look into the following tips to decide on your domain extension.

Extension meanings

As mentioned above, domain extensions have meanings, such as .com means commercial. Therefore, if your website address ends with .com, it directly indicates that the website is business-oriented. 

However, .net represents networking. Therefore, .net is also used with businesses, especially those specializing in networking and internet services. In the end, a cheap .om domain proves to be more generic than .net which means that .com will make the best domain extension if your business niche is other than networking. 

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Mobile optimization 

With a rapid upsurge of mobile, three billion users are responsible for about 65% of the e-commerce traffic and 53% of online sales. These stats endorse the mobile optimization of your website. Hence, choosing a .com domain would be preferable in this regard because smartphone keyboards have a dedicated .com button. 

Search Engine Optimization 

Typically, a domain extension does not play any role in regulating your website ranking on SERPs, especially when the comparison is between .com vs. net. The only difference it may make is when the comparison is between a generic TLD such as .com or a ccTLD such as .pk. Hence, it won’t make any significant difference if you go for a cheap .com domain registration or a .net domain extension. The best domain extension is the one that suits your business needs well.


Undoubtedly, the .com domain extension is more generic. Hence, it has been more popular than any other domain extension. Owing to this popularity, it has become the first go-to domain extension for users. Furthermore, the audience expects a .com domain extension automatically. Therefore, it is easier to remember the .com, which may help you leverage the competitive advantage. Hence, .com makes a better choice for your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions about the choice for the best domain extension.

How can I check the domain availability?

To check a domain name availability, you have to enter your desired URL into the search bar of a trusted web hosting and domain service such as Navicosoft. The tool searches. It indicates if it is available or offers you other related domain name options.  

How can I register the domain name?

If you are on the step of cheap .com domain registrationthere are several ways you can choose to register your domain. Either you can sign up with a domain name registrar or request the domain along with your website hosting plan. 

How much does the best domain extension cost? 

Domain name pricing varies from one registrar to another, depending on availability. Hence, we recommend you a keen comparison for the best pricing. For example, most of the .com domains are taken up by now; therefore, they are expensive. However, a domain name may range between 10 to 15 USD, or you may also get it free with your web hosting plan. 

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