When does UPSC release the key of Prelims?

UPSC basically releases its answer key of CSE prelims after finalization of all the three rounds or in other words you can say that after interview result get announced.

Generally, within 15 days after final result marks of prelims get disclosed. Basically, UPSC discloses Marks of candidates from all the three stages (Prelims, Mains and interview).

But if you talk about UPSC Prelims answer keys 2021 just after UPSC Prelims get over then it gets disclosed only by UPSC IAS Institutes for both the papers. Institutes in the pan India give their answer keys but which one is trustable that you need to decide, as it is not convenient or easy to just cross check each and every answer keys. You can check your score by referring any good coaching’s answer key.

When I was appeared in UPSC last year I referred answer keys of 3 institutes i.e Vision IAS, Shankar IAS and one was EDEN IAS. I got the EDEN IAS UPSC Answer from one of the distributors, distributing it on GTB Metro station. Luckily I just kept this institutes answer key. After reaching in PG and taking some rest I used the EDEN IAS answer key to cross check my answers.

I was getting decent marks but was in awe as the name was quite new to me. As the mind was not getting satisfied so I again referred Vision IAS and Shankar IAS answer key to cross check myself.

By checking all the answer keys, I was satisfied that I am going to make it. But I learned a lesson that we just run behind the name in the market, and think all the small coachings as worthless to think about. Why I am sharing this … the answer key of EDEN IAS was phenomenal because the exact mark I got in the prelims final answer sheet, what I was getting after cross checking the EDEN IAS answer key. So, these guys did a fantastic job.

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But my liking for EDEN IAS just not end here. I got advertisement of ETHICS CLASSES of EDEN IAS and MAINS Test Series. I enrolled in both. Last year was the pandemic year so I have online access of the classes, but Ethics classes just impressed me like anything. I saw a visible improvement in my ethics answer writing. If I was facing any issue in any topic then these guys provided me with doubt counter sessions too. But the one regret that I have is that I was not able to attend the Ethics classes offline, as the teacher ( Roy Sir )was fantastic so it would have been very interesting class.

Their mains test series was also very good, evaluation was very fast and genuine. Questions were of the UPSC Mains quality.

So  all in all EDEN guys are quite good in supporting the UPSC Journey, so one can trust their UPSC ANSWER KEYS 2021 and can also join them for their next step journey.

Good Luck Guys………………… 😊

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