What Services Does TIBCO Offer?

Today’s businesses rely on robust enterprise software infrastructures to manage their business operations. However, one of the challenges for business users is understanding the full gambit of tech products and services they need to optimize their companies. Big data has been a commanding force for years, and all companies could use help increasing their business intelligence ROI, and TIBCO is one of their best choices for meeting that need.

TIBCO has been around for decades, but many people are still in the dark as to the volume of products and services they provide. When you understand all they have to offer, you’ll likely come to the realization they can do a lot for your company, as well. Continue reading to learn about some of their vital products and services.

TIBCO is the maker of an industry-leading data virtualization platform.

There are companies of all sizes that struggle with data management. In fact, the larger your company is and the more data it consumes, the more likely it is that you have data management issues such as poor data quality and data silos. Things can get messy when you’re handling tons of data from varied data sources.

TIBCO data virtualization software is the best on the market. One of the best things about their data virtualization software is it enables data managers to create a single data model for all their business data from disparate data sources. They can also use this powerful data governance software to get actionable insights from analytics in real time.

Furthermore, data managers can create a self-service directory so analysts and other business users can get the insights they need from available data without having to scour your entire operating system. Furthermore, you can use a data layer to implement a data warehouse to make advanced analytics easily accessible.

They provide tech consulting services.

TIBCO also provides consulting services for its software. They offer their data virtualization platform as a software as a service (SaaS), meaning they do all the heavy lifting to implement your system. Furthermore, they can coach you and your team on everything, from role management to discovering new use cases for your business intelligence and analytics.

As an industry leader in business intelligence, they help marketing teams, data analysts, big pharma execs, and leaders of some of the most popular brands gain actionable insights from business data. As you can see, they not only want you to have the best tools but also want you to know how to maximize them to increase your data management ROI.

They provide various tech education courses and tools.

As you know, big data is the now and the future. Once we get advanced technology, we only want more of it, meaning there are plenty of opportunities out there for the data scientists of tomorrow. As the leader in predictive analytics they are, TIBCO sees the future of data science, and they’re contributing to it by providing low-cost tools and training materials for people interested in this burgeoning field.

As you can see, there are many ways TIBCO is there for their customers. They do it all, including providing a comprehensive enterprise data virtualization solution and offering educational courses and tools for future data scientists. If you’re a business owner looking for ways to capitalize on your business data, you need a data services foundation that powers analytics, supports disparate datasets and formats, and provides business users with actionable insights. They excel at many things, but data management is their forte. So, if you want to take your business intelligence to the next level, you know who to call.

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