What material choices do you have for chair covers?

There are several choices of material for chair covers. One is organza, crisp, lightweight fabric with an open weave that is often used to create veils or draperies. Organza can be dyed any colour you choose, and the colours will last for years. Another choice is satin, which is more luxurious than organza but can be expensive and difficult to care for. The best way to clean satin chair covers is dry-cleaning due to its low moisture absorbency. If you use wet-cleaning on satin, then water spots irreparably damage the surface finish of the fabric. Satin comes in both smooth and shiny finishes; if your event requires high fashion, look for a satin with a high-lustre finish.

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Taffeta is another choice for chair covers, and it has the advantage of being more affordable than satin and organza while still looking great. Taffeta can also be produced in an array of colours and patterns. Velvet fabric is heavier than the other fabrics listed here, but it creates a rich, elegant look that you can’t get with anything else. An added benefit of velvet fabric is its excellent colour retention.

It means that your solid colour velvets will remain vivid and saturated for years to come if you keep them clean by vacuuming regularly. The downside of velvet fabric is that it’s expensive and difficult to clean, so you should always use disposable velvet covers for your chairs. One final material to consider is linen, which has a casual, homespun look that works well for rustic weddings or outdoor events.

Reusable fabrics

A reusable fabric called Spandex Chair Sashes is a third option in many colours and patterns. This fabric holds its shape well so that you can use it on shorter stacks of chairs as aisle runners as well as chair covers. To save time, purchase enough sashes to cover the front and back legs of all the chairs you’re using; then drape the sash over the seat and tie it into place with double-faced satin ribbon bows.

If the ceremony site is outdoors, make sure to bring lots of extra spares: When it’s windy, the front legs of chairs stick out more and are more likely to tangle the sashes of the wind. Another feature is that if they come with Velcro on them, you can remove them at night after your event, so you don’t have to take them home.

One downside is that they have a low per chair price so depending on how many chairs you rent/buy you might not save much money over renting their traditional counterparts

Renting vs buying

Renting covers is always cheaper than buying but wearing out is always easier than finding new ones for large events. It’s also better during weddings when guests are excited because it makes people quickly grab, sit or lean at them, which can lead to damages. But it depends on the budget and how ‘formal’ or ‘fancy’ you want to look.  Renting you can look more elegant and classy while buying makes an event more festive and fun.

Satin chair covers are chair-shaped fabric covers made of glossy satin fabric. The shine adds class and formality to any event (and don’t worry, your guests won’t slide off of them, no matter how glossy they look!). Like the polyester chair covers, the satin chair covers have seams along the seat and crown of the backrest and may need to be ironed (with a pressing cloth between the material and the iron) or steamed to get the wrinkles out before your big day. They easily slip on for fast setup and can be removed quickly, too. Like the polyester, if you have a fast takedown time constraint, a satin cover will work great.

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