What hosting features are the responsibilities of the web host?

Web hosting is the core step alongside the domain to launch a website, regardless of the website type. However, finding the right Cheap Web Hosting and the best web host isn’t easy, Also see cloudways vs siteground. Even if they sign up with a web hosting agency, many individuals don’t know that what is going in and out. Eventually, they get exposed to trivial to major issues, whether on the website or related to the hosting server. So let’s briefly explore the responsibilities of the Web Host Services in Pakistan to let you better understand and avoid major pitfalls.

First of all, let’s get to know what aspects are included in the hosting. At the surface, it encompasses hosting assets, server, domains, hosting account, etc. Secondly, hosting has different types, such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting. However, all types working for the same purpose are still varied in features, cost, and hence the web host responsibilities. In addition, you need to know that there are two modes in web hosting. And due to this division actually, the responsibilities of the web host differ.

Unmanaged Hosting 

In this hosting mode, the web host has pretty limited responsibilities towards the users and the hosting.

For instance, when you buy a hosting plan, the web host provides you with a space on the server to store your website and its chunks. Also, the server (machine) management and operation are under the surveillance of the hosting agency. In addition, if the users want to have their preferred operating system of the server, the host will install it.

On the other hand, the users have to take care of the server administration themselves. This management will extend to keeping track of the software upgrades, security practices and strengthening, and real-time monitoring. In case the user is interested in migration, etc., Also, all the malware and virus scans, whether periodic or automatic, are up to the user.

In short, the user has the most control of the server to the website.

Personalized Managed Hosting (semi-managed)

Here as the name suggests, it is shaped around the user choices of the extent to have the control itself or let the hosting company have the control. Depending on these preferences and needs, the responsibilities of the web host will vary. For example, the control panel helps manage everything related to the server and website. However, many people still need help with the control panel, and a proficient web host can quickly assist in this regard.

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Fully Managed Hosting 

The managed hosting services are more like a ready-made solution to users with less time to deal with the hosting and website. Also, for the individuals that have less tech knowledge, it suits well.

So with this mode, all the responsibilities like management to quality assurance are the hosting company’s responsibility.

  • Managed server and network infrastructure
  • Hardware management
  • System-level real-time monitoring along with the alerts and notifications
  • Installation and update of the core software
  • Server central operating system updates and patches
  • Web server support
  • Server uptime assurance
  • Security patches and enhancements
  • Virus/ spam/ threats scanning and protection
  • Backups
  • Installation of plugins, software, and other development tools
  • Free migrations
  • Control Panel Support including updates and patches
  • Round the clock customer support

Nonetheless, the hosting features mentioned here may vary depending on the host, for instance, the migration. Hosting customer support is basically included in all hosting types and plans. However, the level of assistance, the employed channels for the support, and availability of the company whenever the user contact is readily dependent on the web host itself. For instance, the responding speed, contact channels like email, phone support, live chat or ticketing, etc., and time to solve the resolve the issues.

Now you know what the responsibilities of the Web Host Services in Pakistan are. Also, you can and should seek help from the web hosting company for what things. In the end, it also helps in selecting a good quality hosting plan and streamlining your way to maintain the website properly.

Navicosoft offers Cheap Web Hosting in Pakistan with flexible plans and pricing. Moreover, the users can expect all the hosting mentioned above modes managed, semi-managed, or fully managed services for shared servers, VPS, cloud hosting, and dedicated servers. Also, all the plans have 24/7 technical and non-technical support.

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