Types of foods you need to avoid when living with diabetes.

When you have diabetes, it is not a new thing to be told to avoid certain foods and drinks, especially those rich in carbs. 

However, surprisingly, some foods you might be thinking are healthy are actually the first ones you should steer clear of due to their high carb content or general poor nutritional value. This article provides the foods you need to avoid when living with any type of diabetes.

Sugary beverages.

Sugar-sweetened drinks are the worst drink option for people living with diabetes because of their high carbohydrate contents. For instance, a 354 mL or 12 ounces can of these drinks are about 38.5 grams of carbs.

Additionally, such drinks contain fructose which is highly linked to diabetes and insulin resistance. In fact, taking sugar-sweetened beverages has a significant risk of increased risks of diabetes and related health problems like fatty liver disease.

Furthermore, the high fructose levels found in sugary drinks cause several metabolic transformations in the body, promoting belly fats and increased harmful triglyceride and cholesterol levels which are bad for people with diabetes.

To help lower your blood sugar levels and the risks of developing diabetes, consume club soda, water, or sugarless iced drinks instead of sweetened drinks for more details click here Dietitian.

Dried fruits.

Dried fruits, especially those covered with chocolate or yogurt, are full of sugar, even in small quantities. Because they are condensed, dried fruit servings come in very small portions. For instance, a single serving of raisins is just two tablespoons.

In this regard, it is important to acknowledge that dried fruits are not the best way to get your daily fruit servings. According to the American Dietary Guidelines, adults should consume a minimum of two fruit servings daily.

Trans fats and margarine.

Though not all margarine are prepared equally, the primary reason for creating them is to reduce calories and saturated fats. But some of the margarine species are made with potentially hydrogenated oils.

It is advisable to avoid hydrogenated oils because they act the same as saturated fats. So, always read the label when choosing the suitable margarine to prevent these bad fats from complicating the condition further.

If the label list partially hydrogenated margarine, then avoid it at all cost. Instead, spread your bread with other natural heart-healthy options like avocado, nut butter, or hummus.

Condiments and sauces.

Regardless of whether you have diabetes or not, we usually smear, dip or pour sauces and condiments on bread, sandwiches, and other foods, but we fail to recognize the calorie and carbohydrate contents they add to our daily requirements.

While condiments and sauces are considered great food flavors, they usually contain excessive amounts of fats, carbohydrates, sodium, and calories, even in smaller quantities. This can be linked to the addition of sugar and flour for smooth texture and a sweet flavor.

If you are suffering from diabetes and other heart-related complications, it is vital to keep track of your intake by reading the label each time you are out there looking for sauces and condiments.

However, to be safer, avoid canned or pre-packaged gravies and sauces since they have sodium contents, which are poised as one of the factors leading to increased blood pressure.

Fried and battered foods.

Fried foods are usually breaded and dipped in wheat flour before cooking. Breading and flouring are considered starches and very high in carbs which are not ideal for those living with diabetes.

It is essential to eat them occasionally, but always consider their carbohydrate content to help you keep manageable portions. Also, remember that these foods contain a high level of calories and saturated fats which can cause increased cholesterol and weight gains.


Diabetes is one disease that requires a high cost of maintenance and keen observation of what you eat. In this regard, there are different foods that you need to avoid at all costs.

 From fried and buttered foods to any diet containing high fats and carbohydrate content, you can successfully live with diabetes if you keep them in check.

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