Things You Need To Know Before Buying Gold

Though there are different types of metals available in the world today, among them, gold is considered the most precious one due to its visual appeal and premiumness. This is why most people love to possess huge amounts of gold. Due to its high resale value, gold is considered an excellent investment choice among people. Let’s have a look on things you need to know before buying gold.

In the year 2021, the rates of the precious have been standing between Rs 47,000 and 49,000 level per 10 grams. However, gold prices had witnessed a jump during 2019. This clearly indicates that investing in is a great deal as of now.

In India, has been used as the most sought-after investment avenue for ages. In older times, our ancestors were used to buying gold for marriages and other gifting occasions. As the rate of has been increasing year by year, investment in gold means high returns over a period of time. So, apart from a gifting element, outperforms all other investment channels when it comes to determining the value of returns.

Still, in the present scenario, has been used not just as a gift item during marriages, but also a proven investment avenue that can guarantee amazing returns to investors. But it is not like that you should invest in without any thinking. Instead, one needs to have a clear understanding of this metal and all the elements that are associated with it. This way, one can rest assured of getting the best returns.

So, here are some major things you need to know before buying gold.

Gold investment choices

When it comes to investing in gold, there are primarily four ways to do that. Let’s know about them below.

Physical Gold

This is quite certain as one can visit a nearby jewellery shop and buy jewellery. But the only problem with this mode is that appraising the same could be extremely difficult and there are lesser chances of selling the jewellery at higher prices. One reason behind this could be the inclusion of several other things in jewellery that makes it harder to get great prices. Only option to overcome this is to keep an eye on upcoming gold rate forecast and plan to sell your when price graph goes high.

This is why it is recommended to invest in bars and coins that are considered of pure quality and promise better returns over time. Though it is the most preferred way to invest in , its buying, storage, and selling involve too many things.

Gold Stocks

Quite similar to any usual stock, investing in a stock means you buy the stocks of a mining firm. It gives you complete control over the company you choose to invest in. The best thing about this mode is that selling is quite easier than all other options. These days, more people are preferring to buy stocks.

Gold Funds

This type of investment in means you buy shares in various -based assets, like several firms that are involved in the mining and processing of gold, but you don’t possess the real or individual stocks at your end. Exchange-traded funds or mutual funds carry high liquidity than having physical . In addition, it enables a kind of divergence that a separate stock does not.

Gold Futures

A gold futures contract essentially refers to a binding document to buy or sell a specific amount of -at a future date. The contract defines the stuff that can be traded on an exchange. Gold futures tend to have more liquidity as compared to physical . Moreover, there would be no administrative charges, however, brokerages may incur a trade cost (also known as a commission) against every contract. Do remember that investing in futures comes with heavy risk and isn’t a preferred investment choice for a new investor.

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How to invest in gold stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs

If you have made up your mind to invest in gold, the best app for stock market recommends investing in gold stocks, mutual funds, or ETFs is the best option.

To purchase a stock or fund, the first thing you would require is a brokerage account, which can be easily opened through an online broker. Once your account is fully operational, you can choose the based assets and stocks you’d love to invest in and place an order for them through the broker’s website or mobile trading app.

Do remember that you can buy separate stocks and ETFs of any amount, but mutual funds come with a certain minimum investment limit. So, do read the conditions properly before making any such investment.

Other things to keep in mind while investing.


According to experts, if you come across a gold item that doesn’t have BIS certification, you are likely to suffer a loss due to a fake item. Research done by Quint says that nearly one in every three pieces sold in India are hallmarked for purity and quality.

So, always invest in that carries the BIS hallmark.

Cost per gram

Another point to consider is to find its running price. There are many rate forecast sites that may provide an idea of the upcoming gold rates. Also, keep in mind that rates may vary greatly in different showrooms. This is because they are associated with different bodies involved in the purchase and sale of and other precious metal.

Purity level

Gold is known to be available in varying levels of purity which further affects its price. For example, 100% , or 24K as, is known to be the best quality. This variation is soft, which makes it ideal for ornamental purposes. However, the alloy that is mixed with the for jewellery making also ascertains the final price.

For example, 22k tends to have 91.6% pure as it has 22 parts and 2 parts of alloy. Similarly, 18k carries 18 parts of while other items constitute the remaining 6 parts, making it 75% pure . Try to get more information about the purity of the you are planning to buy.

Local jewellers do not provide a warranty On their gold products. These jewellers don’t display the weight margin on their machines. As a result, customers frequently take matters into their own hands. You must know how to tell if gold is real.

Other applicable charges

Always remember that the charges for physical are never presented directly. So, get extremely clarity from the seller about the price of the gold you intend to buy. Whether you buy the bar, coin, or jewellery, this is one aspect that holds more weight in buying in any form.

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