The Key Difference between Java and JavaScript

While the two Java and JavaScript have similar names, they are completely different programming languages. Java is a full-featured, usually helpful programming language that is primarily used in worker-side, flexible turn-of-events, and program execution. JDK and JRE must be installed on your machines to collect Java-based projects.

Because Java is a pure programming language, everything you do is contained within a class. It is written in a very serious manner and allows the projection of allusions. Both Java and JavaScript are extremely productive programming languages that are widely used in today’s modern and well-informed world. Even though they are comparative, they have distinct technical differences.

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Many people believe that the two are somehow related because has the word “Java” in its name. The two programmings languages developed in different ways.


Java is a major computer software programming language created by Sun Microsystems and pioneered by James Gosling. It was created in 1995 as a general-purpose, high-level programming language. Java is an object-oriented programming language that imitates the feel of C++. It is, however, easier to learn and use than C++.

OAK was the original name for Java, but it was eventually changed to Java. Its virtual machine platform lets you develop compiled applications that run on almost any platform.

Uses Of Java:

  • Java is used to create apps that can operate on a single machine because of its many capabilities and benefits.
  • It can also be spread throughout a network’s servers and clients.
  • Java is compatible with a wide range of computing systems, from desktop computers to enterprise servers and supercomputers.
  • It may be used to create mobile apps, web and desktop apps, games, and many other things.


JavaScript is a lightweight and Web programming language for creating dynamic websites. It supports event-driven, functional, imperative programming techniques as a multi-paradigm language.

JavaScript web pages implementation allows a client-side script to interact with the user and create dynamic sites. It was originally called as LiveScript, but Netscape renamed it later.

Uses of JavaScript

The most common uses of JavaScript are

  • Web servers
  • Games development 
  • Web development
  • Web applications
  • Presentations and slideshows
  • Mobile applications

Difference between Java and JavaScript 

It’s a popular illusion that Java and are the same things. But the truth is that they have nothing in common other than the name Java. Both are different from one another and have nothing in common. Their methods of operation, usefulness, and capabilities are all somewhat different. The difference between Java and JavaScript are given below.

Static type checkingDynamic type checking
Compiled languageInterpreted language 
Worked on back-end Worked on front-end

The syntax is similar to C++
The syntax is similar to C 
Used for creating apps Used for creating web pages 

Executed in a virtual machine environment

Executed in any browsers 

The Similarities of Java and Javascript

While we’re focusing on the difference between Java and , we should also discuss what Java and Javascript have in common. Both languages come with many frameworks and libraries, making them capable of constructing modern applications.

Even though Java is primarily used for back-end programming and Javascript is primarily used for front-end development, both may be used effectively for client-side or server-side development. Both the languages have the same C-like syntax and are used widely. But JavaScript is easy to learn while Java is hard to learn as a beginner. Also, JavaScript is the most popular language used by professional developers compared to Java. 

What to choose for your next project between Java and JavaScript

In light of the difference between and Java, we should examine which tasks are better performed with each. JavaScript is a great fit for customer-side content production, websites, and SPAs and developing mobile apps with the React Native or PhoneGap platforms.

Java is an excellent choice for application development because it is adaptable to Android, desktop, and web venture apps. If you need vast data to investigate worker-side events, Java is the way to go.

Wrap up:

Java and JavaScript (Java vs. JavaScript) are two different languages with only a few c similarities. Java is a general-purpose computer programming language that may be used to create desktop, mobile, or web-based applications. After reading the difference between Java and , you should understand their differences and similarities.

On the other hand, JavaScript is a client-side scripting language for creating web-based applications’ behavior and interactivity. Or, on the other side, both are extremely popular and effective when it comes to generating interaction between the user and the web page.

To create your own online or mobile app, you’ll need to understand the difference between Java . The differences listed above will help you learn the better points of difference between the two. The job opportunities are vast for those who are skilled . But it is hard for you to find a job as a junior developer as the competition is very high in the Market. And Java is usually suggested as the first language to learn in universities as it is considered hard to learn than JavaScript.

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