The Best Types of Cryptocurrency to Invest in Today

The rapid development of cryptocurrency makes it possible to attract not only ordinary users to invest in but also large corporations. Such growth in digital money occurs due to the fact that technology is developing, and the world is gradually moving towards the transition to the use of decentralized funds. Impressive, isn’t it? It would seem that it’s possible to get such big winnings only in online , for example, in the popular online Book of Ra or the Legacy of Dead slot machine. Indeed, these services allow you to make big money and then invest in cryptocurrency.

To make the right decision on how to invest in cryptocurrency and make a profit, you need to figure out the most promising cryptocurrency to invest in 2022.

What is Cryptocurrency?

To understand the whole system of cryptocurrency functioning and begin to invest in electronic money, it is necessary to comprehend the very concept of cryptocurrency. These are digital funds that do not use the services of banks when organizing a payment system and, accordingly, are not controlled by them. This enables owners to invest in cryptocurrency online and carry out various types of transactions regardless of location. All transactions with cryptocurrency are carried out only using an electronic database since it has the form of a digital code.

Is investing in cryptocurrency legal? The got its name due to the encryption method, which is actively used to verify the transactions of participants who invest in them. This method provides a high level of security during monetary transactions, and it’s completely legal to invest money. In order to control the currency and ensure its decentralization, they use the blockchain – a kind of open database. The growth in popularity, the value of digital money, and people’s desire to invest in crypto are influenced by completely different events that occur not only in the field of cryptocurrency but in the world in general. If you are interested in the topic of digital money and want to learn more about it, there are many “invest in ” books and guides. You can buy or read them online to invest in cryptocurrency successfully and profitably.

How to Get Cryptocurrency without Spending Money

It’s not at all necessary to buy – you can earn it thanks to new crypto games! These are the same applications as on your phone or PC but running on the blockchain. By playing such games, you can earn different cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, EOS, Ethereum, etc.). How?

  • reward for PvP
  • reward for PvE
  • in-game trading
  • tournaments
  • mining
  • viewing ads
  • creating content for the game

While you are thinking whether it is worth trying your hand at crypto games or fantasizing about how to invest in cryptocurrency, consider a list of large transactions and purchases in crypto games:

  • A planet at NextColony – $3,700
  • A character from Axie Infinity for 110 ETH or about $17,000
  • Kote from Blockchain Cuties for $48,500
  • Most expensive CryptoKitties ~ $171,000

Best Ways to Invest in Cryptocurrency in 2022

Acquisition of cryptocurrency is a trend of 2021, and it will not retreat in 2022. More and more people already want to learn to invest in cryptocurrency. In order to get the maximum profit, it is important to study digital money in more detail. Therefore, let’s consider several ways to invest in cryptocurrency in 2022.


Bitcoin is the best way to invest in cryptocurrency in 2022. This is the first type of digital coin that appeared on the cryptocurrency market, and whose popularity continues to grow steadily. The number of coins is limited (21 million), which helps the currency to stay afloat and not lose its characteristics. Today, the coin is not the only one, but it is considered the benchmark for creating other options of digital money. Now, the popularity of Bitcoin is compared only with gold, since these two instruments are similar in their prospects. Both types are used for holding assets and hedging, and are directly proportional to the growth in the number of users who invest in them.

Bitcoin is considered one of the safest and most stable types of cryptocurrencies to invest in. It managed to save its investors from the COVID-19 crisis that began back in 2020. Most of them made big profits by investing their assets in this coin and thus keeping their money from the effects of inflation.

Recently, the popularity of Bitcoin has increased sharply as a result of receiving large investments from Elon Musk. In early 2021, Musk managed to invest $1.5 billion to buy 48 thousand Bitcoins. This led to a surge in the popularity and value of the currency. The number of young people who want to invest in the coin has increased too. Many have looked for ways on how to invest in cryptocurrency at 17, but this is not possible when it comes to monetary operations.

Bitcoin’s popularity never diminishes, so it will continue to take its place in trends in 2022. Some analysts are confident that the cost of one Bitcoin can reach 100 thousand dollars. This can not only provide the cryptocurrency with a leading position, but also contribute to its maximum distribution. No doubt, Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency to invest in.


This is another cryptocurrency to invest in 2022. But it’s worth noting that it would be more correct to call it a crypto platform. With this currency, it’s possible to make a payment using the PayPal system, which has led to an increase in its popularity and rate. More and more people invest in this crypto nowadays.

Ethereum is one of the types of coins that have high potential in blockchain and cryptocurrency mining technologies. Just as with Bitcoin, Ethereum’s rate has started to grow steadily since the beginning of this year. This proves that you should invest in this crypto platform, as it still can perform very well. Ethereum has one big advantage over Bitcoin: this type of crypto is under development and has not yet received a full-fledged basis. Coin encoding is changing all the time, which makes it possible to create worthy competition for Bitcoin. Who knows, maybe soon people will invest in Ethereum as much as they invest in Bitcoin.

One of the latest Ethereum updates is the protocol change to the newest Constantinople variant. Its implementation should increase not only the speed but also the level of security of the crypto platform – it will be even safer to invest in it. Before that, Ethereum could process only 15 transactions per second, now this figure should grow as well as the popularity of the coin. It is predicted that the constant increase in the rate will lead Ethereum to the cost of $17,372 by the end of the year, and at the beginning of 2022, this figure will increase to $18,874. This makes Ethereum a reliable cryptocurrency to invest right now.


This is the best cryptocurrency to invest after Bitcoin. The main task of Litecoin is to provide a minimum commission for a transaction, regardless of the owner’s place of residence and geolocation. This cryptocurrency is good to invest in since it can be used as a basis for paying for purchases of overall purpose. The cryptocurrency was developed based on the technology that is used by Bitcoin. Now, Litecoin is one of the variants of the so-called altcoins. And this type of cryptocurrency is considered to be one of the most successful to invest in.

The very concept of altcoin appeared due to the fact that the basic code that was used to create it is completely identical to that used by Bitcoin. This is a kind of young and alternative version of the coin to invest in. If Bitcoin may be compared to gold in the cryptocurrency market, then Litecoin is silver. The cryptocurrency asset is only 84 million units. However, this does not make it less popular or discourage the desire to invest in it. Investors are attracted by the fact that the processing speed of Litecoin’s transactions is much higher today.

Since this coin is a subsidiary, it completely repeats the price dynamics of Bitcoin. Today, this cryptocurrency can be an excellent alternative investment. Since Bitcoin is one of the most expensive crypto options, novice investors have a good opportunity to invest in Litecoin in order to enter the crypto market and take a strong position there, since the rate of this currency is much lower. This is a perfect chance to invest in cryptocurrency for beginners.

Now, the dynamics of the Litecoin rate show its growth, and analysts are talking about an increase in prices for this product for the period up to 2022. Even if the price range changes downward, this cryptocurrency will be able to cope with it and rectify its state of affairs. Litecoin is a very promising cryptocurrency to invest in.

Final Thoughts

Logically speaking, it is safe to say that the most promising cryptocurrency to invest in is Bitcoin. It confidently holds its position in the market and is characterized by constant growth. For large companies, it will remain the leader in 2022. For example, Starbucks already provides the ability to pay for purchases using Bitcoin. Not a bad reason to invest money, isn’t it? This proves that retail businesses are gradually entering the cryptocurrency market, leading to the popularization of digital money.

Also, some companies are actively proposing to combine game development and digital coins. Games with inbuilt blockchains will use tokens as an internal currency. It can lead to a rise in popularity, causing the desire to invest in cryptocurrency.

Do you wonder “How to invest in cryptocurrency with little money”? Ethereum and Litecoin options will become more affordable for ordinary owners and small investors. They have a lower cost but are characterized by a high level of reliability. It’s better to invest in Litecoin for long-term prospects, as the development of this crypto will continue for some time.

To invest in cryptocurrency or not is a private matter. In any case, all market data and the active popularization of cryptocurrency give rise to their active development throughout the entire 2022. The growth of rates is already noticeable and will be observed next year as well.

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