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Regardless of how great the program is, some sort of technical issue is certain to arise. In the case of QuickBooks accounting software, the same logic applies. QuickBooks accounting software controls invoicing, finances, billing, and more for businesses making it a very dependable program.

 If you’ve come across this mistake, read the rest of this page for a detailed description of what’s going on. The mistake may bother you right now, but if you read the full post, there will be no problems dealing with it in the future. We’ve written this article with keeping the essentials in mind. So be sure to read the entire article. Let’s get started for more details click here Computer and Network.

Defining QuickBooks Error 80029c4a

One of the most prevalent software faults is error 80029c4a. It prevents users from accessing the company’s documents. “Quickbooks error 80029c4a: Issue loading type library/ DLL can’t load a dynamic link library” is the text that causes the error (DLL). QuickBooks Error Code 80029c4a is a common error that occurs when a user tries to open a company file or QuickBooks.

This error can also happen if a corporate file is destroyed or corrupted.” As a result, DLL problems are rather prevalent when the system or software is being set up, or when running a particular application. This error code may allow attackers to block, which is quite inconvenient for us.

QuickBooks Error Code 80029c4a: What is it?

QuickBooks Problem Code 80029c4a is a common mistake when a user tries to open a company file or QuickBooks. This error can also happen if a corporate file is destroyed or corrupted. This error code may cause the computer to halt, which is quite inconvenient for us. The major cause of this problem is thought to be DLL files. However, there are additional causes for the DLL problem.

Signs that show in QuickBooks Error 80029c4a

Here are a few symptoms for you listed below.

  • Windows is slow.
  • For a few seconds at a time, the system “suspends.”
  • Error 80029C4A causes your computer to crash on a frequent basis.
  • During the setup of the software, Error Code 80029c4a may appear.
  • The active program window is broken.
  • When using a computer mouse or keyboard, Windows takes a long time to reply.

What are the Reasons that Cause Error 80029c4a?

  • QuickBooks-related files might have been destroyed by another program.
  • When consumers try to launch their program, they usually get an error number because a corporate file has been damaged or cannot be found.
  • The Books desktop files are lost, deleted, or destroyed in some way.
  • Another software may have accidentally or intentionally erased QuickBooks-related files.
  • program.
  • A damaged Windows registry entry could be the result of a previous QuickBooks software upgrade.
  • Your antivirus software mistakenly identified a QB Desktop file as contaminated with several Viruses or harmful programs.

Troubleshooting QuickBooks Error 80029c4a (Error loading type library/DLL)

We have summarized all the major and minor methods users can use to rectify the following error. Follow accurately to solve the issue.

Solution: Function Reboot.bat file

  •  Shut your QuickBooks desktop computer.
  • Now navigate to the folder that has to be rebooted.
  • .bat is a batch file.
  • Right-click on the Desktop image and choose Properties.
  • Choose Properties immediately.
  • Select Open File Location.
  • Select Run as System Administrator from the context menu when you right-click the reboot.bat file.
  • Ensure that reboot.bat is performed as the Windows Administrator.
  • This is determined by the bat, reboot, or reboot.bat file in the window folder options settings.
  • Avoid shutting down the windows and wait until the reboot.bat process is finished.

Solution: Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop

Throughout the life of the product, Intuit continues to provide free QuickBooks upgrades that may be deployed immediately or at your leisure. The fixes usually resolve software difficulties by addressing internal flaws and defects that you may be unaware of.

However, it is recommended that Quick software be updated with caution, particularly if you are utilizing systems and networks.  To not get stuck in delays and finish the process right at a time avoid updating during the day when the work hours are on the hype and it may cause you trouble.

Solution: Run Windows Repair on QuickBooks

  • The user must first shut their desktop to begin this process.
  • Then, on your keyboard, press the Windows key.
  • After that, go to your system’s Control Panel.
  • Then select Uninstall or Change Program from the drop-down menu.
  • Now, from the list of apps, choose QuickBooks.
  • The next step is to select Uninstall/Change Program from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose Next in the QuickBooks installation box.
  • After that, the consumer must select the Repair radio button and then click Next.
  • Then, at the bottom, press the Repair button.
  • When the repair procedure is finished, click Finish.
  • We hope that after following the procedures provided, your QuickBooks program has been fixed.
  • Restart after that.
  • Hit the Finish key as soon as the repairing is completed.
  • Restart the device if required.


Books users face many errors and one such error and its important resolutions are elaborated in this post. We hope you make the best use of the article and read it through the end.




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