Picture Perfect Weddings

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve always had a low attention span as a kid.

While reading, I would always get distracted, whether it be due to a butterfly or even a bird. I could never concentrate on the text and instead I was always drawn towards the images the book had.

I guess in a way you could say that photos and I go way back. Safe to say it did mold me into the hardworking photographer I am today.

Weddings, A Whirlpool Of Emotions

A picture is worth a thousand words and I truly believe that. Hours of staring at pictures have taught me that a picture tries to communicate all the things that people may usually shy away from saying.

This is why I like wedding photographs the most. Whenever I shoot a wedding, I’m eager to get the pictures developed. Every picture has a story. Eyes glistening with tears, smiles showing wrinkles not usually seen, the body language of the couple reflecting their enjoyment. All of the emotions of a wedding are visible in a photograph, you just have to look closely.

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What Makes A Picture Special?

When you look at a picture, your brain goes into a bit of a shock. There are so many details that just start to pop out. As a wedding photographer in the twin cities, those details are what I live for.

When taking a picture it’s important to take some key steps. These include,

  • A killer venue – Imagine a picture in front of a white wall and the other in front of a lake. Which one do you think catches the eye? The picture by the lake obviously. Locations play a very important role in wedding pictures as they add to the story.
  • Outfits and accessories – A wedding is the one time in your life where you can splurge on fancy dresses and accessories, without feeling terrible afterward. A well-sorted outfit will add to the beauty of the pictures.
  • Exposure- Repeat after me, “The sun is your best friend.” It would be a great tragedy to miss out on some, golden hour pictures. It is important to know what time to shoot and where to stand.
  • Poses- A picture without a pose is just sad and awkward. Your confidence should shine through each and every photograph. The right photographer will know just how to make that happen.

Pay attention to these steps and the pictures you take will be phenomenal!

The Wedding Venue

As I mentioned before, the wedding venue is of utmost importance. That does not mean that you have to go crazy and have a wedding in Hawaii or something. All you need is a nice garden or hall and some elegant decorations. Following a theme is a great idea and can help tie everything together.

It is also extremely important to check out the venue both, before and, on the actual day of the wedding. You don’t want any surprises now, do you?

Cherish Your Wedding

If you have someone to love, hold and call your own, trust me, you are beyond blessed. You should most definitely celebrate something as pure as this relationship.

Weddings can be hectic but as long as you plan everything out and have friends to count on, everything will run smoothly.

So if you ask me, invite your friends, gather your family and have the actual best time of your life. Do not worry about forgetting these memories. Your brain won’t let you forget the best day of your life and if it does, a wedding photographer will  make sure you won’t!

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