Kinds Of Checks Being Conducted During Document Verification Services

Being the age of social media, customers are accustomed to sharing everything on social platforms. In this scenario,  maintaining your safety becomes a challenging thing. The sensitive data of social media consumers are prone to the threat of data breaches. In most situations, unintentionally sharing identity documents on social media platforms can provide help to perpetrators in their evil aims. With an escalating number of identity scams being done by stealing someone’s data from their documents, compliance professionals designed document verification services for companies to abide by.

Perpetrators when steal data from the documents of the customers must be arrested by professionals where it is presented. Firms must be smart enough to grab imposters that hide behind someone else’s identity. Document verification services verify users on the basis of government-issued ID documents. Documents for identity proof include passports, ID cards, driving licenses. In a world, where your documents work as proof of your identity, identifying them must possess effective tools to give accurate results.

Introducing E verify Documents

Conventional ID document verification services used to be a hectic and time taking process. Users have to visit offices along with their documents where employees would take weeks to complete the verification process. Because of the human intervention, chances of false results were there. But due to the usage of advanced technology, companies have digitized their working behaviors. Now identifying documents is a completely digital process called e verify documents that have replaced the efforts of taking documents wherever you go

How Company Verify Documents?

As discussed earlier, document verification is the method that proves that the document submitted is legitimate and the person claiming it is its authentic owner. The document verification process starts at the time of customer enrollment, companies need users to submit their identity document, the software extracts data from the uploaded document and assesses the document for its realness. Once the ID document identification method completes, the last method of document verification services includes displaying results to users in the form of a document verification certificate.

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How to Verify KYC Documents?

Know your customer is also the verification step to identify the users. Businesses cannot proceed to have streamlined workflow and reduce the number of frauds if they let the fraudsters become part of their business. Therefore they verify the identity of users by using the document verification process online. The answer to “how to verify documents online” lies in identifying documents through the digital means made by the companies. Document verification services are done digitally to help the businesses and the customers process the method in less time and with the minimum resources available.

Perpetrators have become sophisticated in their work operations. They now prefer to work in ways that would have the least chance of them being caught by the officials. Criminals sometimes trick the real document, at times they craft entirely fake documents with real data and they also steal users’ genuine documents. Let’s see some of the examples that how fraudsters produce or deploy documents to dodge document verification services checks:

1.     False Documents

The most convenient way to perform document theft is by stealing the documents of others. False documents are the stolen documents that imposters deploy to circumvent documents identification checks.

2.     Illegitimate Documents

Illegitimate as the name shows are entirely fake documents that do not resemble the original documents.

3.     Modified Documents

These are the changed documents that include modified data. Imposters change the data in a way that is difficult for humans to identify. But the online document verification portal is efficient to reveal altered details.

Document Verification Checks

Document verification services process the document for a lot of measures to identify its realness.

1.     Authenticity Check

Verification software ensures that the document uploaded is genuine and real.

2.     Format

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have the capability to identify the format of the document. The layout is an important aspect to detect the realness of documents, therefore, it is done while identifying documents.

3.   Holograms

ID documents possess special holograms to combat fraud. The prevalence of document thefts made the officials develop documents that are made up by using special paper and inks. ID document verification services measure the presence of holograms while identifying documents.


Document verification services are deployed by many businesses to remove document fraud. From identifying documents manually to using the e verify documents, customers’ experience can be increased. By employing AI-powered document verification services companies can make sure their safety and preserve their consumers’ sensitive data.

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