How work from home changed the lives of men

It has been almost 2 years work since the deadly COVID made its introduction in the world. Even today the world has not fully recovered yet. Though several vaccines have come out still new mutations of the virus are developing every now and then and even Vidalista 20 from Powpills is there to support you. The recent mutation was the Delta Virus but fortunately, the vaccines were effective enough to tackle it. The virus led to the most unimaginable dreams of people coming true. Like in movies the whole world came to total shutdown for the initial months. Later on, the lockdown was gradually lifted to ease daily life operations.

We were almost locked in our homes for a year and a half. The virus not only affected people’s health but also the way their life proceeded. Due to schools being shut down teachers moved to an online way for teaching. Children were glued to mobile screens for hours. Similarly, services in most of the sectors where desk job was involved, was changed to work from home as offices were also closed.

This saved millions of people from getting unemployed and also benefitted the companies for whom they were working. In decades this shift of force from offices to homes was one of the many revolutionary changes. This step turned out to be profitable for companies as the cost of paying electricity bills, salaries of watchmen and security services were reduced to zero.

But not everything about ‘Work from Home’ was good rather it raised the stress levels and caused a spike in cases of depression. Even the employers ignored this fact because this didn’t affect them. In this article, we shall throw light on how ‘Work from Home’ turned out events in the life of men. Some of the changes may be common for both men and women.

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Personal life is almost null

Prior to from home hit the lives of people, they worked in fixed working hours for 6 to 7 hours. After which they returned home, had dinner with family, watched TV, spent quality time with their partner. Overall, after office, all the time you had was to overcome the stress and tension of work. This was a fixed schedule for many people, work only limited to their office. With work from home, their personal life was invaded unknowingly.

People are busy on their laptops for 6 to 7 hours, in case of overtime for 9 to 10 hours. Workload has not been reduced but instead doubled. This has resulted in a situation where people are living in the same room but still aloof from each other. When all your family is having lunch together you are busy at work. This happens during dinner time also; you miss the time with your family. This does not affect big techs because they do not care about it.

Stress levels shoot up

We discussed earlier the invasion of personal life with work from home. Too much screen time keeps you away and satisfaction which are ways to ease stress. Your wife keeps her desires to herself because you are always busy. For a happy relationship, frequent interactions act as a booster and bring back the spice in your life. Such situations lead to conflicts and clashes between partners which create a toxic environment in the house.

Hence, stress levels are bound to rise. Slowly high-stress levels reduce the dopamine levels which have a direct influence on our mood and feelings. We feel low, depressed and feeling of guilt arises. This is the germinating point for mental disorders like depression and anxiety.

Less Productivity

Personal confessions of people came out in podcasts and interviews discussing how this work from home culture deteriorated their productivity. For higher efficiency you apart from your job, you need to do what you love. This combination of job and passion keeps the energy, creativity and thinking capacity developing. Or else there’s a famous prover, “All study and no play make Jack a dull boy”.This is true not only in our childhood but at every stage. Work From Home has turned employees into robots. For more productive employees and citizens, companies and governments must not make “Work from Home” a permanent venture.

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