Challenges While Developing A Fantasy Sports Mobile App With New Trends

Online gaming is as much part of your life as anything else in the present era. It has gained immense traction from every corner and is constantly becoming more and more popular. And now, it has got another sector that is gaining all the spotlight in the name of fantasy sports. 

This industry has connected with the sports enthusiast and gained millions of dollars in no time. This has made many organizations invest in the world of fantasy sports app development services. We are here to discuss the challenge this sector might face while working on the new trends. But, before that, let’s first understand what it actually does for more details click here sales staffing agency.

Fantasy Sports: What It Is?

When it comes to fantasy sports, it helps the users to be virtually part of their beloved game as a manager. The game can be auto racing, football, cricket, basketball, and more. The game is played in a systematic way. 

  • The participants are a part of it by paying the money specified from their e-wallet. 
  • The instructions of the game are specified as and when you are part of it.
  • The leader board displays your score with your competitors. 
  • According to the instructions, they win the cash prize after the game is completed. 

Thanks to technological upgrades, it is not a challenge anymore to make the new users to a specific platform and allow them to connect with existing ones. You can connect with a fantasy sports app development company, and they’ll help you understand the best attributes that can make the user’s favourite. 

But, before that, it is important to check the overall market scenario of this product. Is it worth it or not?

Fantasy Sports: Market Overview

The fantasy sports application market is acknowledged to be the fastest growing industry in the business world. According to studies, it has been stated that it is supposed to cross USD 48.6 billion by the year 2027. 

Before you connect with a fantasy sports app development company USA experts, it is essential to understand different scenarios. With so many applications already lined up in this sector, you must do proper research and select your category wisely. Below are a few of the aspects you can consider:

  • You need to make sure that you have all the popular sports in your application to connect with that, including cricket, baseball, football, basketball, and hockey. It has been seen that football accounts for the major market participants. The fantasy segment is supposed to grow by 17.9% CAGR from the year 2021 to 2027
  • You must also do thorough research on the platform you are going to invest in. It can be a website or mobile application. As per the present market scenario, the application segment has taken the lead. According to reports, it can grow with a 14.8 percent CAGR from the year 2020 to 2027. So, it is wise to have a reliable fantasy sports app developer by your side to help you with the platform. 
  • There has been solid competition in the market share of cricket and football fantasy sports. Cricket fantasy sport has been a new marvel in this sector. So, if you are thinking about investing in this domain, connecting with a reliable fantasy cricket app development company can be the best move. It can help you gain a strong position in the market. In this way, you can certainly help your application compete.

Hopefully, now you are clear about the overall market scenario related to the fantasy sports app development market. It’s time to understand how this application functions to take things ahead with a lot more clarity.

How does Fantasy Sports Application Operate?

To put it in simple words, users create a virtual team of the players participating in the actual game. The teams compete as per the performance of the players selected for the respective competition. Take a look at the workflow integrated into the fantasy sports application:

>>Match Selection: At first, the user needs to register and log in to the application. This is done with the help of OTP verification. As and when they log in, they can find the matches available to take part. The users can select a game they would like to compete in and take it ahead. 

>>Team Creation: After the users have selected the match, the next step is to create a team. You can find players in different categories. You need to form a group of 11 players or, as per the instructions given. There are several ways to create a team, and a few of the common ones are offline drafting, Auction based, and Serpentine.

>>Select A Captain: After creating a team, the user needs to choose the team’s captain. 

>>Team Division: According to the game’s rules and regulations, the user can create multiple teams. According to their choice, they can select different players for every team.

>>Team Modification: You can change the team at any moment before it applies the restriction. It varies from one application to another. 

>>Distribution of Rewards: As per their performance, the players are rewarded with points. At last, the team with the highest points is acknowledged to be the champion. 

This is the standard approach followed by the fantasy sports application. It is easy and, most importantly, secure that allows users to take part in it and enjoy the game. 

Fantasy Sports App Development Features To Include

To make the workflow exciting and engaging, you need to make sure that the application has the best of features. Below mentioned are a few of the attributes that must be integrated into your fantasy sports app development services:

>>Real-Time Analytics: In today’s time, users have become a lot more demanding. They are constantly looking for real-time assessments that can help enhance their performance. So, when you consider connecting with a fantasy sports app development company, make sure to discuss the features that include live tracking and performance analysis to boost user engagement. 

>>Personalization: Another attribute that is a must-have in your fantasy sports app development program is customization. It is not just an option these days. Users these days expect applications that can be customized as per their feedback. So, you can do the same by allowing the users to get their tournaments customized to play with other users. The application must enable the users to customize push notifications to know about game levels and offers available. 

>>Video Streaming: You can get your application monetized with the assistance of a live streaming attribute. This feature can be included with premium so that the users can live stream the match and avail all the updates on the go. 

These are a few of the primary features that must be integrated into your application depending on your budget and various other needs. You can always let fantasy sports app developers know about the same, and they can assist you accordingly. With experts taking care of your application, you can be confident of availing feature-rich applications. 

Few Popular Fantasy Sports Applications

If you are thinking about investing in fantasy sports application development, start with assessing the ones who are already there in the industry. You need to research well and check with the best in the business. Check what they have in offer in terms of design and the features they can help you with. 

This can assist you in understanding the industry and helping you get to know your competitors’ weaknesses and strengths. It can help you make your application with all the gaps covered. So, it is important that you observe the already available applications and come up with the best ideas. If you are thinking about which are the applications to study, then a few are the best in the business recommended by fantasy sports app developers around the world:

>>Draftkings Mobile

  • It is an American based company established in the year of 2012. 
  • This fantasy sports company also serves as a sportsbook operator. This helps the participants to apply for the leagues and win a cash prize. 
  • It has already covered more than one million bets.
  • This platform has more than 8 million accounts. 
  • The platform is highly acclaimed for focusing on American sports that include martial arts, tennis, and more. 


  • Established in the year 2012, Dream 11 is one of the most prominent fantasy sports applications in India. 
  • This company reported 1 million users registered with it in the year established. 
  • The users grew to 2 million in the year 2016, and in the year 2018, it had 45 million registered users. 
  • Using this platform, you create virtual teams and play in real-time as per the player’s performance.
  • It allows the users to win cash rewards as and when they win the participating match. 
  • It is a platform where you can play fantasy sports. 
  • Users can win rewards and prizes by earning more points in cricket, hockey, baseball, football, kabaddi, basketball and handball. 

>>FanDuel Mobile

  • It is one of the most popular daily fantasy
  • sports applications in the USA. 
  • It is the first application that became the official sports betting partner of the NHL or National Hockey league. 
  • This application is iOS compatible and is known for conducting a wide range of contests that have made several users overnight millionaires. 
  • This application comes with features like, sportsbooks, and horse races as well. 

Understanding applications before connecting with a fantasy sports app development company can certainly help you present your viewpoint a lot more strongly. Now let’s understand the trends and their related challenges in this domain that can help you make your application future-ready.

Latest Fantasy Sports Application Trends

Below mentioned are a few of the latest fantasy sports application trends followed in the market:

>>VR And AR Usage:

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are now hot cakes in the market. It is quite popular among the users as it helps them with real-life experience. At present, these advancements are certainly making a lot of noise in the industry and are taken into consideration for the purpose of live streaming sports app development services. The primary reason behind the same is to help the users relish the game with the real-life feel of being present in the stadium itself. 

>>Social Media Infusion

We all know how social platforms can assist in marketing. If the users are allowed to share their experiences on social media platforms, then it helps the product to gain good attention and develop a reputation in the market. It can help the business gain a huge user base in no time. You might find sports applications allowing the users to share the referral codes and rewards on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It attracts many more to play the game and help the application gain more users. 


When it comes to gamification, it is one of the game designing elements applications that is considered for the purpose of the application development. With this new trend, you can have your fantasy sports application integrated with exciting new features that promote user engagement. This new trend keeps the users hooked to the application for a long time. 


There is no doubt in stating that artificial intelligence is the trend literally in every sector. It helps in providing a personalized experience. This technology studies the content and then recommends the information that the users can be attracted to. It also plays a big role in resolving user queries by providing predefined solutions. 


You can make the users play a lot more if they see more rewards on offer. So, if you keep the users incentivized, it can boost engagement and eventually keep them hooked so that they can build their rewards. This can help the application drive traffic and expand the user base as well. 

>>Engaging Advertisements

Advertising and detailed marketing have a considerable contribution in defining the product’s success. The new trend in this domain is to keep it short, trendy, and crisp. This can help the application find its space among different social media channels. Advertisements must focus on the application’s features in a very user-friendly manner. 

The Challenges You Might Face With the New Trends

Take a look at the challenges that you might face with the fantasy sports app development with the inclusion of new trends:


The first challenge is to ensure that the operation of the application remains easy to understand and seamless. It is a big challenge for fantasy sports app developers to keep things seamless while infusing the new trends. They need to understand the domain and then spend a reasonable amount of time in the development and testing stages. The task requires a lot of strategizing, testing, and eventually, your time. 

>>Data Integration

The primary objective of the incorporation of the new trends is to gain more users. But, sustaining the users is undoubtedly a huge challenge. It requires colossal data integration, and the developers need to deal with the same. The data includes points, teams, players, and more and integrating the same requires a lot of effort. But, it is crucial to ensure that the application runs smoothly and without any errors. 


It has been observed that users are more often than not considering using applications that are light. Heavily loaded applications are not very popular. If you are considering adding new trends that can make your application heavy, think again. The users would always prefer applications that are light and are going to work seamlessly. So, after adding up the latest trends, make sure to overcome this challenge in the testing part and then take it ahead. 


Another major challenge of incorporating new trends is getting the right team to do the same. You need to avail the assistance of a professional iOS developer, Backend developer, iOS developer, Android developer, Q/A expert, project manager, and UX designer. You must connect with the best fantasy sports app development company to assist you integrate all the latest trends without any hassle. 

Nothing is an easy task when it comes to competing while selling hotcakes. You need to make sure that all the boxes are ticked that can assure you the success of the application. The users are now more dependent on technology and are constantly looking for new ways to pass their time with cash rewards on the line. Millions of users are now taking part in it and have made the world of fantasy sports app development more than a wonder in the market. So, do now wait for long and build your own fantasy sports app!


When it comes to Fantasy sports, it is addictive, social, challenging, and, most importantly, fun! It can be really challenging to get this application, but with so much in demand, it is worth investing in the same. In the last four years, this industry has grown more than 60 percent. Innovation and passion can always make this application industry one of the biggest in the business in the coming time.

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