Bitcoin Price Prediction And Latest News

Bitcoin also reffered to as BTC is recognized to be the number one digital cryptocurrency used word wide. But the bitcoin price prediction is always necessary to keep the seamless trading up and that requires a lot of computation. Traders always have a keen eye for the price chart and decide to trade or not in seconds.

Follow our guide to track down the latest bitcoin price prediction and bitcoin news to ultimately predict the technical analysis and price.

Latest Bitcoin Chart By Trading View

Bitcoin Price Prediction Latest News:

Bitcoin price prediction wasn’t as it was estimated and it was lower than $38000. MACD on the 4-hour chart showed the slightest signal showing that the stoping force path is on the opposite side. $40k will be the price that ensures a stable market.

But the past report shows that the drop of bitcoin price, but when it touched the upper height of forty-two thousand and five hundred USD dollars – it engages new investors and hopes that it will retake its glory. To do this, the price has to move forward to USD 50k and even to USD 65k.

Recently a new computation is appended which shows that the bitcoin is swinging under $ 40,000 and the down part was later revealed to be under the fifty SMA on the four-hour graph chart. For you who don’t know SMA, it’s a simple Moving Average that shows how the price slides on a 4-hour chart.

But the very latest results show that higher parties are struggling to maintain a price rate of over $38k. If they succeeded then we’ll see a high amount of sell orders and progress rate to lose toward lower price than $38k it maybe $35,000.

Is Another Drop Bitcoin Price Prediction Assured?

The drop in the Bitcoin Price Prediction if we deeply study, this leg down is only firm for just short term. Mostly when the MACD indication is studied – MACD is Moving AverageConvergence Divergence. MACD is used to show what is trending and then compute its final momentum.

But. MACD is not above the centerline which means that the situation is fully under control and we can estimate well from it. If the technical perspective remains as it is, then BTC might go to the correction to $35 k/

While 12-days EMA plan crossed under the EMA of 26-day which indicates that the chances for downward price getting higher and higher.

Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTCUSD Live chart snap August 10 | 10:25 AM

Live Chart

The chart shows that the RSI rate is still stable even the retreatment from $42500 didn’t affect it. In simple, we can say that the Bitcoin BTC is not yet overselling and sellers are still studying whether to sell or not. RSI is not on the oversold line but it gradually going towards it as for now it is at 35.

Yet, the confirmation is concerning $38,000 which cancels the $35,000. With this limit of stable updates, we can expect massive buyers coming. But if the break is taken above the $40k which will predict the eyes to gaze over the life of $50k.

Bitcoin Price Prediction new highs and lows Levels

Spot rate$37,985
Trend: Bearish
Resistance$40,000 and $42,500

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