Best LinkedIn Lead Generation: An Effective Business Solution

If you aren’t generating leads, you aren’t making money.

Yes, it’s that simple. You make a buck only when you generate a lead and that gets converted. Generating the leads is the first step of making money online, conversion comes later.

Now you might be wondering, what exactly is a lead on LinkedIn? Lead simply is; someone who shows interest in your offerings – so, generating a lead means getting more people interested.

For example: imagine you are an essay writer and someone searches “custom essay writing services” online and reaches your website. Once he reaches you, he becomes your lead. Guess what your job is then? To convert that lead.

Furthermore, let’s talk about lead generation on LinkedIn!

Why even bother with LinkedIn?

When it comes to lead generation, and driving sales, most businesses ignore LinkedIn. If you’re a business owner, you should definitely consider using LinkedIn for lead generation, due to the following reasons:

  • Most business decision-makers are linked in.
  • Your competitor is probably ignoring LinkedIn.

Busting the myths!

There is a reason why most people ignore LinkedIn. The reason is: they fall for popular myths surrounding the platform. These three misconceptions make people avoid investing time and effort into LinkedIn lead generation.

  1. People on LinkedIn connect only with the people they know or to update their resumes, occasionally.
  2. LinkedIn is small and hence it is not the right platform to get you leads for your business.
  3. It isn’t valuable for generating new leads.

If you used to believe in any of these myths, well now, you know that these are just misconceptions. Which takes us to the next step; formulating a strategy.

Your LinkedIn strategy – A three-headed MONSTER!

The first head – Your page

LinkedIn lead generation starts with putting things in order. This means; making the necessary reforms on the page – yes, OPTIMIZATION!

When you turn your company page into a lead generation page, it acts like a pipeline for LinkedIn leads to visit your website – where the leads get converted.

Now turning your company page into a lead-generation page involves structuring it in such a way that it take your ‘leads’ to a conversion action. In other words, it eases the conversion process for your prospects. The conversion action is a click-through to your website, either in the recent updates or your company description.

Tips to run a company page;

  • Use an attention-grabbing image.
  • Make a clear and convincing pitch in your company description.
  • Make your Recent Updates section clickable and conversion-focused.

The second head – Your content: 

Now, it may not directly get you leads, but it will definitely draw your audience to your page – and when your page is optimized, well, you guessed it…
The third head – The Ads
Running ads is by far the most effective way to generate leads, hence you should not miss out on that. Here are a few things you need to consider while designing your ad-campaign.

Select the right audience

LinkedIn allows you to use professional demographic data. Which allows you to target the right audience. You can target on the basis of job title, company, industry, seniority, and more. It’s impressive how specific you can get with LinkedIn ads.

You can use Matched Audiences feature to retarget website visitors, reach contacts, and build account-based marketing campaigns.

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Capturing the attention is the key

No matter how much research and effort you put into selecting the right audience, your audience will only interact with your ad, when it is able to catch their attention. So, do all you can, to make it as attention grabbing as possible.

LinkedIn lead generation forms.

Filling the forms is a pain and most prospects are turned off by these forms, but LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms remove this barrier to online conversion.
When a prospect clicks on your ad, the form is automatically filled in with their profile data. This saves your prospects, the time and effort, and also allows you to get more accurate information about your leads.

Track results of your campaign – measure ROI

LinkedIn offers you Real-time reporting. Its Campaign Manager makes it easy to view the value of your lead generation on LinkedIn.

You can utilize conversion tracking feature to measure the website conversions from your ads on LinkedIn and use built-in analytics to monitor the results of your campaign. Once, you have these insights, you should then use them to optimize your campaigns.

The insights you gain from these tracking tools also allow you to understand your consumers – which not only gives you a chance to target them more effectively, but also allows you to connect with them on a deeper level.

Once you master these three aspects, your monster is ready to be unleashed – and you guessed it, your prospects will not be able to escape it!

Lead generation is not the end…

Though this three headed monster will take your lead generation game to the next level, but generating the leads is not the end.

After setting your lead generation strategy straight, you have to have an effective strategy to convert those leads into sales and then an excellent after-sales service to build a healthy business relationship. That’s how you make the most out of your leads.

Now, you know how to generate quality leads on linked-in and if you use the information provided in this post as a guide to your strategy, your business will definitely benefit from it.

The effectiveness of your strategy, of course, depends on the nature of your business. If you provide the essay writing service uk , then investing in LinkedIn Ads may not be the best option for you but other social media aps might work.

In the end!

Hence, to sum it up, this post gives you an insight into the ingredients of a linked-in lead generation strategy. And based on your goals and the nature of your business, you have to use these ingredients to create a perfect blend – your three headed monster will be different than everyone else’s!

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