5 Gym Marketing Ideas To Get Your Business Up and Running!

What if going to the gym didn’t have to be a chore? Sure, a lot of people go because they know it’s good for them. But who doesn’t want a great gym experience? When was the last time you logged into Facebook and saw one of your friends posting about their favourite class or workout routine at their local gym?

We came up with 5 creative gym marketing ideas that will help gyms inspire people to come in for a visit—or at least share how excited they are about being there! If you have any more ideas, post them in the comments below!

1. Post Pictures Of Your Classes On Social Media

People love to check out what’s going on around town, and that includes what’s happening at the gym. Post pictures of healthy classes like yoga or a workout class you have started offering. Share pictures of your events and showcases. Post a picture of your professional trainers who teach these classes or give advice during training sessions and workshops.

Posting events on social media is a great way to be transparent about what you’re doing at the , and it allows others to see the passion you have for making fitness worthwhile! This is also a way to get people excited and share information with their friends who they think might be interested.

2. Post About What Gym Staples You Sell

If you’re a gym that sells protein shakes and bars, post about them. If you sell running shoes, posting about them is another way to promote the as a place for people to get healthy—and look good at the same time. People enjoy knowing what products their friends are using and love knowing which brands are trending.

3. Allow Guests To Post About Their Favorite Classes Or Workouts

Yes, this might seem like a huge risk. But it’s a great opportunity to get people excited to try out classes they never thought they would. If people walk outside their comfort zone and try something new at your , it will be an experience that leads to positive social media posts.

4. Have A Contest Where You Give Away Free Stuff 

You may not want to do this if it means bringing in a lot of new customers, but there are definitely benefits. For example, you could give away professional barber’s chairs if you offer private lessons. Or you could offer free classes like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or Zumba so people try out something new.

5. Post About What Your Local Athletes Are Doing In Your Community

This is a great way to promote your gym and get people excited about being in your community. Maybe you should start a weekly meet-up with local runners, or participate in a triathlon, or walk across the Country; post about it!

People who are proud of their hometown will be more likely to share their excitement with others by telling their friends when they are getting ready to do something they can’t wait to experience.


The Creative Gym Marketing Ideas you’ve just learned can be applied to any gym, whether it’s a small CrossFit gym or a large corporate gym. Did we miss out on a good one? Let us know in the comment section below!

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