3 Effective Home Remedies for Treating Migraine Symptoms

A migraine is not like headache symptoms. When there is a headache, you experience only mild to moderate pain in your headache. However, this is not the same with migraine. You experience several symptoms such as changes in visuals, nausea, vomiting, as well as sensitivity to light.

There are chances that headaches will automatically disappear after some time. But migraine symptoms are very unlikely to disappear. Therefore, when migraine attacks appear, you need to do everything you can to reduce these symptoms.

Some natural remedies, medicine-free ways, can be effective in treating migraine. According to the best physician in Karachi, these home remedies will effectively play a role in preventing and treating onset migraine attacks. In addition, these remedies can also reduce the duration of these attacks. Plus, home remedies will decrease the severity of migraine attacks.

In this article, we will explore fifteen ways or home remedies to reduce and treat migraine symptoms. If you are experiencing migraine symptoms, then writing is for you.

However, always remember that sometimes when migraine symptoms are severe or its attacks are appearing in episodes, then you may need proper medication to combat this problem. In some cases, doctors recommend prescription medicines to treat these symptoms. Sometimes, doctors also recommend OTC medications to combat this medical condition.

If you don’t try home remedies or get medical treatment to treat migraine symptoms, then its severity and attacks will increase. When the attacks of migraine increase, it can be difficult to control migraine symptoms. Therefore, try the below-mentioned remedies or use some medications to effectively get rid of migraine attacks.

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Home Remedies for Migraine Symptoms

These home remedies, for migraine symptoms or attacks, will work effectively for you, and you can give them a try before taking medicines:

1.      Don’t Consume Certain Foods

The most important and foremost thing that you need to change is your diet. Because general physicians believe that diet can play a role in treating migraine. In addition, there are some things that can trigger the symptoms and attacks of migraine.

These foods include:

  • Foods and beverages that are high in nitrates, including sausage as well as hot dogs
  • Ice cream or other icy things, very cold foods can also trigger migraine symptoms
  • If there is a natural compound, tyramine, in cheese, then can trigger migraine attacks
  • Pickles or other foods that are similar to pickles
  • Some dairy products such as yogurt as well as buttermilk

There is also some evidence that the consumption of caffeine in some amounts can also ease pain caused by migraine. Why do people believe caffeine can lower or treat migraine symptoms? Because there is caffeine in some medications that treat migraine attacks.

However, if you consume caffeine in higher amounts from different sources such as coffee or tea, then it can trigger migraine symptoms.

In addition, you need to find out which foods trigger migraine symptoms or attacks. After figuring out, you will avoid these foods that trigger migraine attacks, and need to consume foods that reduce migraine attacks.

2.      Acupressure is Also Effective

The efficacy of acupressure is just amazing for everyone. When you apply pressure to specific body parts, people call it acupressure. The basic purpose of stimulating these points is to reduce pain in various parts of the body, including the head.

There are many medical professionals that can administer acupressure for you. However, people can also try it at their homes. The main thing in applying acupressure is to follow the instructions of professionals to alleviate pain.

If you don’t want to get instructions from your professional, then you can get them from online sources. In addition, on different online platforms, many healthcare professionals are providing the best instructions to treat migraine attacks.

A study explored the efficacy of acupressure in 98 patients with chronic migraine as well as aura. There were two groups; one group use only medications for reducing and treating migraine attacks, other group consumed medications along with acupressure for eight weeks.

The results of the study found that acupressure with medications effectively reduces nausea associated with migraine attacks. Additionally, acupressure did not enhance the quality of life in patients with migraine attacks.

3.      Apply Lavender Oil

If you inhale lavender oil, then it may ease migraine attacks. There is an option for you that you can inhale it directly or you can dilute it in a carrier oil. After mixing these oils, you can apply the mixture to your temples.

A study in 2016 found that people who used lavender oil as a therapy before the appearance of migraine attacks helped to reduce the severity of migraine symptoms. However, not a large number of studies support this claim.

In the coming years, researchers will conduct more studies to know how lavender oil can reduce migraine attacks.

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